Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Bigger, better, blonder than ever

 So I've ignored the fact I have a blog whilst I was using my creative juices to get a degree (graduating with a 2:1 holllaaaaaaa) and then moving back home, which takes up a lot of energy on top of getting a job and working the most anti social hours in the history of time, yeahh I work on a bar. 
But I've still kept up to date with the wonderful world of blogs and all things clothes. The best thing about the job is that I now have a regular income to actually buy the clothes I covet! 
So prepare yourselves, I'm starting a new chapter in my life; on the road to finding a career and making something of myself, got myself a little fancy man and I'm growing up which means I need a sophisticated wardrobe... Haaa yeahhhh..
So this is me at the moment, enjoying the freedom of no Uni an making new friends at work. 

When it was sunny, just enjoying drinks in the park. Top shop cami, H&M trousers an forever21 jewellery.

I went to laaaandan with my mom an sistahhhhh, cheeky trip round the Natural History Museum. Miss Selfridge dress an H&M bag.

The night I got my 2:1, topshop cami an topshop mom jeans - my favourite but this summer cus they're gonna be in fashion all year round. I'm currently saving for a pair of Levi mom jeans cus they're beautiful.

Celebration night out with my gal, play suit from New Look, cami an jewellery as before.

Day trip with work, second favourite but - acid greens/yellow jumper H&M and Asos bold chunky silver tag chain. 

Night outttt, jumper with cut out detail from UrbanOutfitters, Leather skater skirt H&M.

Rooftop partaaaay, chilling with the DJ, daisy play suit as before, jacket EBay.

An that's it really, my life now revolves around how to style out my uniform which I'm in basically every day at work, and how to have my hair up with out looking like a 12 year old girl. It's all so rock and roll..

Speak soon, Rum Kisses, x x

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fashion Show, Fashion Hoe...

Later this month, Shoreditch is hosting on of the most anticipated fashion events of the season. See'yaaaa Paris, Milan and even London Fashion Week, it's time for the underground to share its talent.

On the 27th April, Shoreditch, situated in the London's East End, is showcasing young and up and coming talent, in one of the hottest fashion spots in the country.

 It is linked with Made in Shoreditch magazine and will share the talents of not only fashion designers, but artists and DJs alike for an evening of fun and creativity.

The judges are almost as hot as the designers..

With Made in Chelsea's Oliver Proudlock, the proud owner and designer of the cothing brand Serge DeNimes, singer and fashion icon, Eliza Doolittle and everyones favourite OC princess, Mischa Barton.

I am going with fellow blogger and course mate Miss Baigent, which will be a nice little adventure away from lectures and the library, to indulge ourselves with what we love most; clothes, clothes and more clothes..

It is definitely a fashion event not to be missed and I think it will open up many doors for the designers and artists showcasing their collections, and who knows, maybe even a little unknown blogger might find her way to an exciting new path - anythings possible!

I'll keep you updated with the event, I'm so excited!
Rum Kisses, x x

Thursday, 4 April 2013

the wanderer returns...

I have been absent and missing from my blog for over a month now! Where was I you ask? Oh my dear friends, I was hiding in the library, trying to make a dent in all of my Uni work, and yes, I have been successful. I'm not one to stress out about any project that has been set for me over the last 3 years, and during my career as a student in general, I am famous for leaving work until the last minute, but, NO MORE!
I have turned over a new leaf, matured in my old age and I am now, duh duh duhhh, working in my spare time, instead of just watching Grey's Anatomy and eating Salt & Vinegar Squares.
But, I have returned from being on the bench, showered in books, pens and paper, and crawled out of my cave to return to my favourite indulgence.
So today, in honour of my return, I will share with you, bore you all to tears, with what's been happening and what you've all missed!


My belated March Haul, with the lovely backdrop of my living room at home, I present;
boys garms, fur and neon

H&M £10 (in sale)
 I have become obsessed with neon's recently, and am drawn to everything bright and wonderful in the shops, so couldn't ever leave this gem in the shop! At such a bargain too.



 My -shirts are my new favourite 'GO - TO' options in my wardrobe. On the cold mornings we have been facing this past year (!?) I have been waking up, cold and lazy, so being able to throw on a simple, yet decorative t-shirt, with a pair of leggings is a dream. My secret, they are from the mens section! And the grey with the kakhi pocket is my favourite item in my whole wardrobe. I bought it big and baggy and it literally has been my saving grace these past few weeks at the Libzzz.

H&M £10 (in sale)
You'd think I lived in two shops and two shops only, but no, yes my Fur Gillet is from H&M too, but on a seperate shopping occassion. I have been pining after a fur body warmer since last autumn, but couldn't find one that i liked; I didn't want to have to part with a fortune, or live in cheap fur, so when this piece of hot tushy found its way in the sale, it fortunately wasn't there long and now lives with me, being groomed and loved daily.


Being as I have been a firm attendee at the library, giving my ipod a rinse on the regular, I have had to download new music. Not the sort of 'tunez' that would distract me however, so I have chosen relaxing music to rock to wilst writing or typing.
Thus, meaning I have developed a rather unhealthy obsession with Lykke Li. Her voice is amaaaazing, her songs are so true and I am at a depressed stage in life where I feel a connection to every word. Literally, I haven't found one I dislike yet! Here are a selection of my favourites for you to enjoy too:


I'm Good, I'm Gone

Unrequited Love

The Only


I told you I was obsesed with Neons, so when I went to get my nails re-done, I opted for 'Dip-Dye' nails, with a Neon green finish.


from the top (L - R)  Topshop , Topshop , Nasty Gal , JC @ Nasty Gal ,
bottom (L-R)  Polyvore , Office,  Jeffrey Campbell

With the 'Winter Blues' lingering with the freezing cold winds that have remained during the Spring, I have started to yearn in my bones for a pair of cut out boots. They would be perfect to keep our tootsies warm and protected from the wind, but add a 'liddle somethin' somethin' ' to our Spring/Summer outfits; making them grungy and androgynous! WIN WIN SITUATION!

I'll update you soon with more trivial musings and fashion posts, but for now,
Rum Kisses!, x x

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

#BOOTD 'birthday outfit of the day'...

yesterday was my birthday and i turned 21 and thought that i had to make an effort, dress smart and tryyy and look like a young laydeeee!
balck dress - zara
necklace - topshop

my gurlzzz, loe and mossy (l - r)

my sistahhhhhh lucy!

loe boe
i debuted my new hair and i'm liking it more and more and my friends all said they liked it - my sistahhh said that i looked like a 90s baby, which is a fun comment i spose.. haaa
because i've changed my hair colour i also thought i'd brighten up my makeup bag and got a new blusher, eyebrow pencil, lipstick and just cui was playing a lady lastnight, i bought some individual lashes that my gurl mossy out on for me - i've tried general false eye lashes but my eyes repel them! which is really sad.

i had a really lovely day because all of my friends made such an effort to make it special - a post will be up sooon to show you my birthday kitchen and treats that i got!! the best surprise was my older sistahhhh lucy coming to visit, literally just for the night. i've been trying to get her to visit for the last.. 3 years!! an finally she graced southampton with her presence and got to meet all of my friends and come on a night out with us :) it was sososooo funnn!

so my rumkisses go to all my special people tonight,
thankyou and i love'yaaaa! x x

Monday, 18 February 2013


as i am a stingy student, i decided that i wanted my haircut, desperatelyyyy, but didnt wanna have to pay so begged one of my best gurls to do it for me. after softening her up all day with my insecent pestering, i managed to get her to agree to it - alls i wanted was a trim.. kinda
i've wanted a crop for ages, an awkward crop which looks like your hair's been cut off with a sharp knife - like when Mulan cuts her own hair in.. Mulan! when we got back to mine she started to chicken out so i just went for it an cut a chunk of my own hair off.
i would love to say it was liberating, but then i regretted it seconds after as it was wonky as sin, an literally looked hacked at - was i regretting it!? christ yes! hahaaa, but then my gurl mossy took over and saved the day...

so crop accomplished, there was one other thing i fancied trying too, an that was to dye my hair all blonde..
i've been growing my roots out for over a year now, in the vein hope of achieveing lucious long locks, but my hair always gets to a certain length an then legit stops growing, so this is why i decided to get the crop an also sack off the dream of healthy hair, so just to bleach it up again..

hairdresser mossy to the rescue in my 'towel dress' as overalls..

the very easy to use hair dye..

it's on!
fresh outta the shower.. is it ginger....!?

freshly blow dried.. a bit ginger..

'scuuuuuse the fresh face an the wonky eyes, but i think it'll do for a first attempt.. 
quite happy with the out come; lovvvvve the cut, not too sure about the dye atm, but i can always change the colour whenever i want to!

it's my 21st tomorrow, so i definitely think that i'm having a mid life crisis, mental break down and i took it out on my locks, but atleast its nothing permanent, and i like it so far!

happy birthday to all my fellow aquarians and pisces, rumkisses, x x

Sunday, 17 February 2013

birthday burps...

i have been travelling the country again this weekend and this tymmm, it was to go home for my birthday pardyyyy! i'm turning 21 on tuesday the 19th, but ofcourse, being away from home and it being a week day, i won't see my famiy, so my mommma organised a liddle get together with our close family an friends, an my friends from home. it was a really nice day and everyone was really happy and chatty and it was nice seeing family from manchester, who we dont get to see as often as we'd like cus they're far away, so soon after we went to manchester last weekend!
however, i was a liddle madam in a liddle madam mood because i couldnt drink alcohol, d'uh d'uh d'uhhhh! i didnt want it to ruin my day, but i was diagnosed with tonsilitus last week and put on an antibiotics course which meant that i wouldn't be able to drink alcohol, and it's just a bit sad feeling run-down on y'buffday, alongside;
 1) not being to drink on your 21st birthday..!
2) not being able to join in with everyone else knocking it back and finally
3) having to deal with drunky relatives when you're sober.. grrrr
but i did break the rules and have one or two glasses of champagne and ofcouuuurse my favourite, rum.rum.rummmm!  but i mostly burped on apple tango an cocacolaaaa, but it was still an a amazing evening what with my birthday treats my momma did...

cus i'm not the biggest birthday cake fan, my momma organised a mini pick'n'mix station where we all got a bag and a scoop, and went round helping ourselves as if we were literally at a pick'n'mix shop! it was so fun and literally, i have the best mom, ever!

i'm just looking forward to all of the other treats heading my way this week.. hahaa

sending all my rumkisses to my momma tonight, x x

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

pancake wednesday...

my housemate Jamie is probably the best cook in the house, an its him an 2 gurlzzz! I'm by far the worst cook (my arm is covered in cooking scars and i burnt my hand making a hot water bottle the other day!?!?!?!!), and Charlotte is probably on a level with Jay, but boiii can he make pancakes. we went to a friends house lastnight and all had pancakes in a big group which was nice, but today we were still craving them and so picked up some treats on the way home from uni....

mmhmmmm, heart attack on a plate

rumkisses, x x